Daniel Rumler - 1st Violin

Petr Borůvka - 2nd Violin

Igor Khomenko - Viola

Petr Chudoba - Cello

Crocodile quartet came together in 2012 when a bunch of students from Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague were inspired to take the energy of rock and popular music and transform it by playing it in the format of a string quartet. All the musicians are classically trained and have spent years honing their skills, playing everything from fully blown classical concerts around the world to one man busks in the city centre. They took this inspiration and transcribed their most well loved music from scratch, working the melodies and rhythms of the tracks into arrangements sometimes subtle and sometimes bold with each musician contributing his/her individual signature style to the perfectly produced mix. The intensity of the sound comes from their passion for this refined melange of their favourite musical styles and their focus on ensuring the music retained its original driving rhythms and harmonic riffs. Despite the eschewal of any form of percussion based rhythm section, the quartet deliver the music with its original toe-tapping rhythms preserved.